Kids Goat Farm


How to Sponsor the Farms..

Currently the farms are being financed under a collective account. This means that your donations will go towards the entire project with disbursement to the various farms being done proportionate to the farm size. Your donation will thus be used to purchase additional goats thereby increasing the size of these farms and in the process increasing the number as well as touching the lives of the children being assisted. You will receive a Diploma Certificate of recognition as a participating member.

Donations can therefore be made through the following bank account number.

Global Mission

Family Bank Of Kenya

Fourways Corporate Branch

A/C No. 068000005412

Swift Code:----FABLKENA

Bank Code:----070

Branch Code:--068

You can provide us with your details for feedback as you make your donations here.

We do sincerly appreciate your kind gesture towards helping the Kenyan Child.